LAZ Design Engineers is a multi-discipline firm of designers, engineers, and leaders, working together, alongside other professional consultants, to shape the globe one city at a time.

“Leadership is the driving force to success, and for our client’s success, we must provide leadership in what we do as engineers.”

Zhilbert Asatryan


We believe that dedication to excellence in what we do as designers and engineers, will create a better future for us all. Our team is committed to bringing engineering design distinction through innovation, sustainability, and energy conservation; that promotes our client’s vision. We enjoy collaborating with our clients, while helping them through the challenges with our diverse skills. Taking pride in the services we provide; we work with our clients diligently from schematic design through construction administration.

Through innovation, with focus on energy conservation, our team of professional mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineers, we design systems for civil and building construction.